In Nashville, once over limit, Comcast will charge $10 per 50 GB

Comcast (s CMCSA) will start charging $10 per 50 GB from its broadband customers in Nashville, Tennessee, once those customers zoom past the 300 GB monthly bandwidth quota, according to Comcast website. Comcast had announced its intentions to boost the maximum monthly bandwidth quote from 250 GB to 300 GB in May 2012. Tyler in our comments points out that Comcast has taken a three strikes and you are out approach. First three times you cross 300 GB, you don’t get penalized but the fourth time, the meter starts ticking.
This new pricing structure is part of various pricing structures being explored by Comcast, currently the largest broadband company in the United States. Comcast is the latest Internet Service Provider to start charging for overages. Others include Time Warner Cable (s TWC), AT&T (s T) and Suddenlink Communications.
(via LightReading)