Survey: Outside the office, workers turn to the tablet over the PC

Tablets aren’t overtaking smartphones or PCs in the enterprise, but they’re definitely carving a new business niche for themselves as workers start shifting a lot of work to the slate when outside of the cubicle. According to an enterprise survey conducted by cloud content management firm Alfresco, tablets have replaced the PC as the go-to work station for working at home and on the road.
The Alfresco study found that rather flip on the home computer or laptop to work on a project after hours or triage the day’s email, 48 percent of enterprise employees are turning to either work-issued or personal tablets if they have access to them. A healthy 46 percent are still using their PCs when finishing up work at home, but when workers go more remote they lean more heavily on the tablet. According to the survey, 55 percent of respondents use tablets at business meetings (vs. 24 percent using PCs), while 50 percent are turning first to slates at conferences, compared to 13 percent popping the lids on their laptops.
The tablet isn’t the answer for every work scenario, though. Alfresco reported that the smartphone is still the device of choice at more informal business functions with 57 percent using them at business lunches and 51 percent using them in coffee shops. But the tablet is also starting to become commonplace even in those more casual settings: 34 percent of respondents said they would haul out their slate at lunch meeting, while 43 percent would do the same in a coffee shop.
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock user Hasloo Group Production Studio