Uhuru platform spans .NET, open-source worlds

Start-up Uhuru Software’s new AppCloud Ready To Go service targets software developers who want to write applications that span the .NET and open-source worlds. The platform as a service runs atop Cloud Foundry’s(s vmw) open-source platform and supports Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.JS as well as the Microsoft(s msft) .NET framework, said Michael Surkan, director of product marketing for the company.
Last December, Uhuru launched a beta its PaaS but went back to add a new management console and integration to  popular applications including WordPress (see disclosure), SugarCRM and Magento and its own file storage service. Users of some other PaaSes rely on Amazon(s amzn)  S3 storage. The revamped AppCloud Ready to Go was available as a private beta in late June and has since signed 1,100 developers, Surkan said.
Uhuru was founded by two Microsoft veterans: Jawak Khaki, a former corporate VP, and Jawaid Ekram, former GM of Live Meeting services.
Uhuru’s service competes with ActiveState’s StackatoAppFog and Tier3, which are offering cross-platform Cloud Foundry-based PaaSes of their own. There is some debate, however, about whether multi-platform PaaSes really are better than their language-specific counterparts. Companies like ActiveState, Apprenda  and AppHarbor are pitching their .NET platforms as providing better, deeper integration and support of that Microsoft technology.
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