ASmallWorld launches mobile app for invite-only social network

ASmallWorld, the invitation-only social network founded in 2004, launched an iPhone(s AAPL) app Monday that will allow its online membership of about 715,000 people connect and share travel tips on the iPhone.
The app’s target audience is an exclusive bunch of folks, the kind who want travel tips and ask questions of each other, from “which yacht to purchase to where the best restaurants are.” Membership in ASmallWorld is by invitation only from a current member. The app’s intended purchase is to help members manage their personal and business lives with help from other members.
PaidContent covered the group in 2008, noting that it counted Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell as members at the time and hoped to grow to 1 million members within three years. It currently has about 715,000 members.
The app will allow members Foursquare-esque services such as “meet-up” and “check-in” tools, which CEO Sabine Heller noted in the press release would prove useful as members travel to London for the Olympics this summer and want to connect with each other.