paidContent 50: The world’s most successful digital media companies

34. Cox Enterprises

Diversified, United States (Private)

Last year’s rank: #14

Digital Content Revenue

$1,200,000,000 (8% of total)

Digital Snapshot

The bulk of the internet revenue at Cox Enterprises comes from Cox Media Group, which includes more than 100 internet services for its newspapers and TV stations; Cox Target Media (direct mail coupon service Valpak with and syndicated coupons to 150+ sites, and recently-acquired with social savings service DealPros); online advertising unit Cox Digital Solutions; and from, which includes auto bible Kelly Blue Book (

Key Move

Cox Target Media completed its acquisition of and this past June, adding the online savings sites and the DealPros social network of savings experts to its service. With the deal, Cox Target Media picked up at least five million monthly uniques from and broadened its reach to bargain shoppers at a time when more households see the value in saving.

Our Methodology

Cox Enterprises is private but releases overall revenues and some specifics. By far, the bulk of its digital revenue comes from its majority ownership of, contributing $1 billion in revenue in 2011. We estimated digital advertising revenue at $120 million in 2010, but it’s more difficult to build a reliable estimate for 2011. Valpak had revenues of $260 million in 2008 and has been aggressively expanding digitally. Conservatively, we’ll estimate digital revenue in 2011 at $1.2 billion.
Source: Our estimate.

— Dan Frankel