paidContent 50: The world’s most successful digital media companies

3. Bloomberg

Business information, United States (Public)

Last year’s rank: N/A

Digital Content Revenue

$7,000,000,000 (97% of total)

Digital Snapshot

The Bloomberg box (now actually browser-delivered service) is still the company’s bread and butter, selling business and finance information as a subscription. Bloomberg recently nudged out Reuters for financial terminals dominance.

Key Move

Launched Bloomberg Next, an enhanced terminal offering, to keep existing customers.

Our Methodology

Bloomberg makes 85 percent of its revenue from 313,000 terminals, costing $20,000 a year each. The rest includes BLaw and BGov. We have discounted $200 million for BusinessWeek’s print edition and miscellaneous old-line media ventures.
Source: Figures announced at recent Bloomberg event we attended; spokesman Ty Trippet confirms 85% of revenue from financial terminal

— Jeff Roberts