paidContent 50: The world’s most successful digital media companies

43. YP Holdings

Advertising, United States (Private)

Last year’s rank: #9

Digital Content Revenue

$990,000,000 (30% of total)

Digital Snapshot

AT&T published the U.S. Yellow Pages local ads directory, whose decline to online rivals it has been trying to arrest with its brand. It claims 700,000 local advertisers around the U.S., 38 million monthly uniques across web and mobile, and a network of over 300 online and mobile publishing affiliates. Plus, YP claims to have facilitated over $150 billion in subsequent transactions in 2011.

Key Move

In May 2012, AT&T Advertising Solutions, which published the printed Yellow Pages, and AT&T Interactive, which operates and YPmobile, spun out into a separate company, YP Holdings, which Cerberus Capital invested in to gain a controlling stake. The move marries Yellow Pages’ various efforts, regardless of the medium through which consumers access their listings. Divorce from AT&T could allow YP to refocus and flourish — or, AT&T may have cannily cut YP adrift rather than be dragged down by it amid intense competition from search services and location apps.

Our Methodology

 YP stated in a press release upon its formation: “As a standalone company, YP had $3.3 billion in revenues in 2011. Approximately 30 percent, or nearly $1 billion, of YP’s 2011 revenues derived from its digital and mobile platforms.”
Source: Merger press release

— RA