Twitter restores reporter’s account, tweet with NBC e-mail remains

Two days after his account was suspended, the U.K. reporter who touched off a media kerfuffle about corporate control of speech is back on Twitter. The Independent’s Guy Adams, who made his name bashing NBC’s (s cmcsa) Olympic coverage, reappeared on the service midday Tuesday. Here’s a look at his return plus other samples of British snark:

In follow-up posts, Adams writes that Twitter explained to him that the original complainant (NBC) had retracted its complaint so his account was restored.
Significantly, though, the tweet that landed Adams in the penalty box in the first place is still there. In the tweet, Adams posted the email address of an NBC executive and suggested readers complain to him. (See details here).
Twitter had emailed Adams that the tweet violated its rules that forbid posting private information such as telephone numbers or private emails. That decision has touched off a debate about whether or not the executive’s corporate email was really private and whether Twitter’s sanction was too strong, as well as what kind of company Twitter wants to be as it grows up.
Here’s the tweet that caused all the trouble in the first place:

Update: An NBC spokesperson has issued a statement (via the Wall Street Journal) :
“Our interest was in protecting our executive, not suspending the user from Twitter. We didn’t initially understand the repercussions of our complaint, but now that we do, we have rescinded it.”
Update 2: Late Tuesday afternoon, Twitter issued a statement explaining the situation and apologizing for telling NBC to make a complaint (details here).