Video: Fanhattan’s new WatchList wants to track all your movies & shows

Online entertainment guide Fanhattan rolled out a significant update to its iPad(s aapl) app Tuesday that includes new content partners as well as a new feature dubbed WatchList that is supposed to keep track of all your favorite movies and TV shows, no matter where they’re playing.
Fanhattan’s core idea hasn’t changed: The app wants to help you find shows and movies to watch on your iPad through a unified search across the catalog of apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix(s nflx) and so forth. Fanhattan CEO and co-founder Gilles BianRosa told me last week that his company’s service initially launched with just four content partners; now it offers access to more than 175,000 shows and movies from 14 different apps. The latest additions: HBO Go, NBC(s cmcsa), The CW and Cinemax.
Check out my interview with BianRosa below – and stick around for some neat footage of their office in the second half of the interview:
BianRosa also told me that Fanhattan will come to the web later this summer; a version for connected devices is in planning as well. However, don’t expect Fanhattan to come to Android(s goog) tablets any time soon: “The Android fragmentation has slowed down the adoption of the content itself,” he remarked, pointing out that even services like Hulu Plus aren’t available on all Android devices.