More money for smart grid startup GridPoint

One of the most well-funded smart grid companies, GridPoint, has raised yet another round of $23 million in equity and options, according to a filing. By my calculations that puts the 9-year-old company’s funding at $263 million.

GridPoint has gone through a variety of business plans over the years, including first making tech for managing energy and solar panels in homes, then a more general smart grid software play, and then building energy management. All the funds raised led to a lot of small acquisitions including vehicle-to-grid startup V2G, home energy dashboard maker Lixar, energy management company ADMMicro, and energy contractor Standard Renewable Energy.

A couple years ago the company replaced its founding CEO Peter Corsell with an interim CEO — former CSO and software and communications veteranĀ John Spirtos — and it looks like Spirtos is still acting CEO. With that CEO swap (in 2010), GridPoint reportedly started laying off some staff, according to Michael Kanellos.