Take control of your serendipitous success

As I reflect on the last several years of my life, it has been a pretty wicked ride. Growing up in Vancouver and going on to create to create a truly disruptive company in Silicon Valley was hardly a predictable journey. There are two things I feel are worth highlighting that have helped make all of this possible — the unique environment I came from and the people I have met along the way.
I believe that all entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world around them. This, however, does not happen passively. In order to maximize success, entrepreneurs need to make it happen by recognizing fleeting moments of opportunity and by surrounding themselves with the best and brightest. This rarely, if ever, happens by chance. That is the benefit of conferences such as GROW. Opportunities are there to take a kid from Vancouver with an idea, create relationships and develop it into a company that is changing the lives of millions of people. It just comes down to taking ownership of your serendipity.
–Brian Wong, founder and CEO, Kiip
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