Today in Cleantech

Airbnb set a company record on August 4th with 60,000 Airbnb locations being booked on that night. The company got a bit of a boost from the Olympics during that time, as it saw triple the bookings in London. While the numbers are inexact, it appears the company is booking about 40,000 rooms a night on average or a spot every two seconds. The folks at Business Insider use this to argue that Airbnb’s bookings are up 50 percent since June, though that’s unclear since we don’t know what the current average booking rate is and whether the 60,000 night is an outlier. All in all, though, there’s evidence that the European expansion is humming along and Brian Chesky told me at GigaOM’s Roadmap Conference that he is very excited about Europe because there’s a high degree of social trust there. The U.S. hotel industry offers 4.8 million rooms a night so Airbnb has some room to go in conquering the world, but 60,000 bookings a night is a good start.