Facebook to build a 3rd, small data center in Oregon

Facebook continues to build out its infrastructure and add servers at a rapid rate. According to local reports, Facebook (s FB) is adding a third small data center at its Prineville, Oregon facility, next to the two larger data centers already built.

The current Prineville data centers are 334,000 square feet, while the new one will be 62,000 square feet. The new one also won’t add any jobs to the region.

Adding on smaller facilities at these huge data center locations isn’t unusual. Apple is adding on a small (21,000 square foot) “tactical” data center at its North Carolina site, next to its 500,000 square foot iCloud data center.

But Facebook’s infrastructure will be important to watch. The company is in a growth phase and its number of servers have soared to an estimated 180,000, up from an estimated 30,000 in the winter of 2009, and an estimated 60,000 by the Summer of 2010. That’s one of the reasons why Facebook is now keeping close track of its energy, water and resource consumption of its data centers.

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