Games for the weekend: Call of Mini: Zombies

Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome. Here is one cool enough to keep you busy until Monday, at least.

Call of Mini ZombiesCall of Mini: Zombies ($0.99 Universal, $0.99 Mac) is a third-person shooter where you are in control of playful little heroes with hearts as big as their oversized heads. But make no mistake, despite its playful appearance, this game is true to the shooter genre and will certainly have you on edge from the first moment you pull the trigger.

The premise of the game is of course to kill all of the zombies. There are 17 different zombie types spread out across eight different levels. The goal of each level is to clear out all of the zombies on that level, before they kill you. As you progress, there is the opportunity to collect more ammunition and health power ups. The ammunition can become a dire necessity, as having to take on zombies close up with the chainsaw can lead to a brain-eating buffet where you are the main course.

Call of Mini Zombies

While the gameplay is more like a first-person shooter, it is the over-the-shoulder camera angle that adds to the cartoon-like feel throughout the game. You can touch and swipe anywhere on the screen to control the direction you are heading.  But it is the d-pad on the left side of the screen that is used to move forward and stride left and right.  The right d-pad controls your weapon. When running, and you will do a lot of running, you will notice that your character is slightly faster than the zombies.  But they don’t mind much, they just keep coming.

Call of Mini Zombies

There are 12 different characters and 16 different weapons to choose from, each having their own unique strengths. More important than the differences between each weapon is the ability to upgrade the characteristics of each weapon. Damage, Fire Rate and Accuracy can all be upgraded on each weapon. Each equipment purchase, character swap out, and weapon upgrade does require you to spend some of your hard-earned, in-game cash. Throughout each level, in addition to ammo and health, you can also collect a random buck or two. Additionally, at the end of each level you are awarded a cash prize. And if you find that you are not earning cash fast enough, you can always purchase more through in-app purchases. Just keep in mind that some weapons are locked, requiring you to advance in the game before purchasing.

Call of Mini Zombies

Once you have mastered the art of killing zombies, you can try your hand at going head to head with other online players. In the versus arena, you can opt for a quick game of carnage with anyone that is online, join an existing game that is already in play, or create your own challenge room where you can wait for your friends to show up. When you do create your own room, you can set up a password that only your friends know. There is also a new co-op mode that is set up in a very similar manner: You can play solo, join an existing co-op game, or create your own. Here you join forces and take on the zombies together. In both versus and co-op mode, you earn cash faster than you do by just playing each level on your own. This will accelerate your ability to customize your weapons and try out a few new ones to figure out which combination suits your gameplay best. Regardless of how you like to kill your zombies, Call of Mini: Zombies has got you covered this weekend.