Quora makes its content more quotable with embedded threads

Looking to quote someone’s post from Quora? The company announced Monday that users will now be able to use embed codes from the site for content they wish to quote, making it easier to spread Quora around the web.

“Folks with a lot of drive and determination will do this anyway, but now we’re making it easier for almost anyone,” said Marc Bodnick, a product and business executive at Quora. He said users will be able to pick which material to quote and then choose the size of the embedded material to put on the page.

Bodnick thought the new feature was partially inspired both by Twitter’s embedded tweets as well as the Kindle highlight feature. Quora is hopeful that creating an easier way to quote and then track content from the site will benefit journalists and bloggers already quoting that material, he said. In addition to better formatting, Bodnick explained that it will provide those users with a form of analytics, since quoted material will display when it has been embedded elsewhere.

Quora is a question and answer site founded by former Facebook employees in 2009 that has become a strong competitor to sites like Wikipedia. It allows users to search for topics, questions, or people, as well as follow information they’re interested in. Users can “upvote” answers they like, creating a form of crowdsourcing in answering the questions.