Today in Cleantech

Fortune’s Dan Primack has a post about how Airbnb is helping struggling homeowners pay their mortgage, in one case income from hosting providing 35 percent of the mortgage payment. This isn’t that shocking given the state of the U.S. housing market and the speed with which Airbnb is expanding. But what is interesting is whether sharing and the share economy could be changing not just consumption (demand) but ownership (supply). The way these homeowners have come to think of valuing their homes is not merely in terms of what they can be appraised and resold at, but their ability to be shared and generate income today for their owner. This is a small point but it goes beyond home ownership. RelayRides has a deal with GM to have all OnStar equipped cars available for rental in RelayRides peer-to-peer car sharing network. That move could shift how car owners conceive of the value of their car. It’s early days but it would be really interesting if consumers started to think of the value of their ownership decisions in terms of their potential to share the item, not just in terms of its resale value.