Topsy releases pro service to give brands access to analytics

Twitter might have recently redesigned its search feature to produce better results, but there’s still a huge market, especially among businesses, for a good Twitter analytics product. Whether a company is searching to see how a hashtag has been used before, or searching to see which parts of the country are most enthusiastic about a particular product, the ability to search tweets is obviously valuable.

Enter Topsy, the company that previously wanted to change how consumers search the social web. It plans to announce a Topsy Analytics Pro service on Tuesday, which will allow companies and brands to access a huge amount of data from Twitter. With the pro analytics service, brands will be able to monitor the popularity of a particular word, hashtag or trend over a period of time.

Topsy, which is working with Twitter on the company’s “political barometer” feature, is one of only a handful of companies that has a license to Twitter’s firehose, which provides the full stream of data coming from Twitter as opposed to a a smaller sampling. Access to this quantity of data, and Topsy’s ability to process and store tweets going back several years, will create a valuable product for businesses, said Jamie de Guerre, Topsy’s VP of product.

Topsy has indexed “hundreds of billions” of tweets so far, and is adding more every day, de Guerre said. The business expansion and licensing comes as Twitter makes a serious push to monetize its product and focus on enterprise clients.

A Topsy spokesperson would not provide rates for the service, but said interested customers could set up free trial accounts and get further information once the service went live. Partners including The Washington Post had early access to Topsy Pro Analytics, but the service will be available to the general public beginning Tuesday.