Find out how the cloud is changing Europe

Discover what you really need to know about the cloud at GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference. We will discuss infrastructure from the chips up to the cloud and everything in between.

Our early-bird rate expires this Saturday, Aug. 25, so register now to save €400!

Here are just a few cloud stars that you’ll meet:

  • Chris Swan, the CTO of Client Experience at UBS, and Juergen Urbanski, the VP of Cloud Architectures and Technologies for T-Systems, examine whether the CIO has kept pace with the industry’s constantly expanding offerings for enterprise-IT infrastructure.
  • Dan Levin, the COO of Box; Christian Lindholm, a board advisor at Fjord; and Harish Rao, the CTO of Global Infrastructure Services at Capgemini, address what opportunities lay ahead and what infrastructure needs we will have to accommodate to support our mobile workforce in the session “Cloud in the post-PC era.”
  • Eirikur? Hrafnsson, the founder and Chief Global Strategist of GreenQloud, and Tate Cantrell, the CTO of Verne Global, tackle what making the cloud sustainable will mean for the potentially volatile energy market in Europe.
  • Robert Jenkins, the CTO of CloudSigma, and Bob Jones, the head of the CERN openlab at CERN, will share insights from the CERN Science Cloud project, including how they achieved interoperability among different clouds, managed networking challenges and ensured security.
  • We will also explore the implications for cloud policy across member states of the EU and the challenges each government faces in terms of balancing the need for protecting privacy and implementing new policies to drive growth.

Check out our full speaker list and conference schedule and register by Aug. 25.