In internet time, two months = nearly eight years

Nearly eight years ago, I took a two-month gig at paidContent to help Rafat out while I learned some valuable new skills. Many of you were incredibly patient and encouraging as I grappled with hand coding newsletters and maintaining a website with a balky server while reporting the news. Your engagement with paidContent and mocoNews, your passionate interest in the subjects we covered, and your hunger for informed news and analysis played a strong part in my decision to stay.

And I couldn’t walk away from the opportunity to be part of growing something new and vibrant. We were covering the economics of digital media while we were living it.

This summer, we celebrated paidContent’s tenth birthday. The topics we cover are as relevant today as they were then, and, as the evolution of digital media continues, it’s even more important to look beyond the endless launches and the shiny toys to what works, what doesn’t and how to do it better.

Thousands of posts, countless all nighters, numerous events ranging from our first mixer in Santa Monica to paidContent 2012, one funding round, two sales, and lots of great colleagues later, it’s time for me to take on new challenges.

It’s been a privilege to be part of paidContent and ContentNext Media, to work with Guardian News and Media, and then to help find a new home with GigaOM. So many people have helped along the way that I’m afraid to start with names for fear of leaving someone out — thank you all.

When we migrated to the GigaOM Network, I promised we would continue to bring you the same news coverage, smart reporting and insightful analysis of the rapidly evolving economics of digital content. My leaving won’t change that. Building something that doesn’t work without you is a hollow accomplishment. Instead, we built a team at paidContent that individually and collectively lives up to those goals every day — enhanced by the deep bench of journalists at GigaOM and everyone else who makes the journalism possible. Together they should be unstoppable.

As for me, this new phase starts now with my first chance in a very long time to take a deep breath. What’s next? Stay tuned.