Video look at the useful $15 Blurex Nexus 7 case

Earlier this week, I mentioned the Blurex Ultra Slim case for Nexus 7 tablets and my order arrived yesterday. After just a day with this case, I’m more than happy with the purchase. First of all, $15 is a steal for this case, even without the special features it offers. The case is $5 cheaper than Google’s(s goog) own Nexus 7 case and it’s one is far more versatile. Take a look and see: Besides protecting the device, the magnets automatically wake or sleep the little slate.

For those looking just to protect their Nexus 7, Google’s own case is a solid choice. But I like consuming various bits of content on my small slate and I don’t always want to hold the device. That’s why I prefer a case like the Blurex model: I can prop up the Nexus 7 in three different angles to watch a movie, read a book or play a game. I’m still not sold on the hand-strap this case offers, but I don’t have to use it, so it’s not bothering me. All in all, this was $15 well spent to protect and enjoy my $249 Android tablet.