Today in Cloud

VMware has abandoned its controversial virtual RAM (vRAM) licensing fees introduced a year ago and is moving back to physical CPU-based pricing, as was reported last week.  The news evoked loud applause from the 20,000-strong attendees at the VMWorld conference in San Francisco today. The pricing hike prompted many customers to look more closely at Microsoft and in some cases to switch hypervisor platforms altogether. This was more than VMware had bargained for and comes at a time when the company faces increased competition from every corner of the IT market. In another effort to try and restore faith with its base VMware said customers on its Enterprise+ license will get a free upgrade to the new vCloud suite. It’ll be interesting to see how IT shops respond to the pre-integrated and packaged SKU, which should make it easier to deploy. VMware has promised to get its customers out of the integration game for a long time, and this suite appears to finally deliver on that promise.