Today in Cleantech

Motor Trend  is out with its official review of the Tesla Model S, done on Elon Musk’s own car. The performance focused magazine notes of the ‘Signature P85’ version of the car that “measured by our classical methods, the Model S P85 is now the fastest American Sedan.” Perhaps more interesting than how impressed the reviewers are with the fast accelerating Model S, which does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, is the diagram the magazine shows describing the five key attributes of EVs—range, recharge rate, price, MPGe, and 0-60 mph. The diagram compares the Tesla to the other major EVs and the Model S exists in a different world where price is sacrificed for range, recharge rate and acceleration.  Overall Motor Trend was very positive on the car and the influence of the magazine will pique the interest of die hard Porsche, Mercedez and BMW loyalists. It does note that in testing the range came in 11 percent below what Tesla has quoted, but at this point I think consumers have come to discount those figures in the way they discount miles per gallon figures from standard cars.