Today in Cleantech

With the news this week that Hertz is acquiring Dollar Thrifty for $2.6 billion, the speculation has begun on what it could mean for Zipcar. There are two general thoughts, both of which theoretically impact Zipcar. 1) The deal will firm up pricing in the overall rental market, which could help Zipcar. 2) Hertz could become an attractive buyout target for a competing car rental company (Enterprise) eager to jump into car sharing. The first argument doesn’t make much sense to me, mostly because the daily and hourly rental markets are different. I do think the addition of Dollar’s cars to Hertz’s fleet is a marginal net negative for Zipcar as it gives Hertz even more inventory to offer customers. On the second point, I think that Zipcar is an attractive buyout target, but more so because of its current valuation. At a little under half a billion and inching toward profitability, the company’s share price is beat up and ripe for a company to take the leap and do a deal.