The weekend review:, HD voice, and the future of collaboration

Although fallout from the Apple-Samsung case is still fresh on readers’ minds, this week GigaOM Pro subscribers also looked ahead: With Mobilize on the horizon, the most popular research on Pro details innovations in mobile-voice quality, the future of’s many marketing and social products, and the future of the workplace.

In “’s next billion-dollar business: marketing tech,” David Card notes that’s revenue growth still lags behind rivals like Oracle and Microsoft, but after a year of high-profile acquisitions (such as Radian6 and Buddy Media), the company seems set for major expansion into the social media marketing space. But, Card cautions, may suffer from its sluggish rollouts for products like enterprise chat.

Next, David Coleman looks at the future of the workplace in “How emerging technologies are influencing collaboration.” Coleman looks to a near future where driverless connected cars, location-based technologies, and advancements in brain science can truly redefine the collaborative workspace and — most importantly — addresses how businesses and employees can plan for these advancements.

Last, in “Why HD voice is the new battleground for U.S. carriers,” Colin Gibbs examines how HD voice can solve problems that have plagued the mobile world for the past 15 years: poor call quality, latency, and the dreaded dropped call.

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