What you missed this week on GigaOM Pro

This week was dominated by the continued fallout from the Apple v. Samsung case and the announcements coming out of VMWorld. But over on GigaOM Pro, we’re already looking ahead – to the fall (and our Mobilize conference) and beyond. This week on Pro, our analysts and curators look at the next big thing in mobile, how to successfully build a renewable energy plant, and what enterprises and IT managers will be buying in 2013.

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Cleantech: Martin Piszczalski
“Key steps for successful renewable-energy permitting”

The cleantech sector has had a bumpy few years. But it’s still clear that renewable sources of energy will play a vital role in the future of the tech and energy industries. However, the renewable energy field remains mired in red tape: funding, regulatory and permitting issues continue to plague developers and investors, who currently spend more time obtaining permits than building power facilities. Pro analyst Martin Piszczalski provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for developers, lawmakers, and citizens alike, aimed to clarify the process of successfully obtaining permits and permission from government agencies and public groups to develop and build renewable energy projects.

Cloud: Ralph Fino
“IT spending update, third quarter 2012”

GigaOM Pro just launched a quarterly series of IT spending forecasts, and Pro analyst Ralph Fino kicks it off with a detailed analysis of worldwide segment growth and spending. Will tablets continue to weaken PC spending into next year, or will Windows 8 save the PC market? Will the recession in Western Europe continue to impact worldwide demand for IT services and products everywhere? In a report aimed at both vendors and IT managers, Fino takes a look at everything from smartphones to servers, and provides insight into what new technologies rolled out in 2013, and what’s on deck to shape IT spending in 2013.

Mobile: Colin Gibbs
“Why HD voice is the new battleground for U.S. carriers”

While the mobile world focused on last week’s 11th-hour Samsung/Apple news, Pro curator Colin Gibbs instead looked ahead to the next big thing in mobile: HD voice. Now that the major US carriers all see 4G and LTE as a given, Gibbs sees HD voice as a solution to the trifecta of ills that have plagued mobile phones for the past two decades: poor voice quality, latency, and the dreaded dropped call. In this update, he takes a look at HD voice rollout plans for the biggest wireless operators, and explores how HD voice could impact things like mobile messaging and data plans.

Social: David Coleman
“How emerging technologies are influencing collaboration”

Yammer is just the beginning: Pro analyst David Coleman imagines the future of the workplace asĀ  uber-connected virtual and physical spaces. While many office are grappling with a host of task management apps and the BYOD debate, Coleman takes a greater leap forward. He envisions a collaborative work environment powered by driverless connected cards, 3D printers and a wealth of location-based devices and apps. But most importantly, Coleman focuses on the major role that mobile – devices, apps and other emerging technologies – will play in the future of the collaborative workspace.