Today in Cleantech

Typically mum smart thermostat maker Nest opened up to The New York Times’ Bits Blog about it sales, saying it had sold “in the mid-hundreds of thousands.” It’s not clear at what price Nest sells the smart thermostats wholesale to retailers like Amazon and the Apple Store, but in consumer electronics the markup is usually fairly small, ranging from 10 to 35 percent. In the past ten months, the company has probably pulled in at least $50 million in revenue off around 500,000 thermostats selling retail for $249, a healthy start. What’s more interesting is that the company is collecting tons of data on homeowners heating and cooling usage that can be correlated with outside data like weather predictions to further optimize energy efficiency. Nest founder Tony Fadell will be at GigaOM’s Roadmap Conference again this November and he was one of the best interviews last year.