That was quick: Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile coming soon?

It’s only been six weeks since T-Mobile launched the Galaxy Note in the U.S. and yet a leaked screenshot indicating a Galaxy Note II for the carrier is in the works. The T-Mo News enthusiast site has the screenshot, which clearly shows an Android 4.1.1(s goog) device named the SGH-T889. Given that the original Galaxy Note was internally named SCH-T879, odds are looking good that T-Mobile may offer the Galaxy Note II sooner rather than later.

This may seem like an odd situation since T-Mobile just launched the original Note at the end of July. But as successful as the Galaxy Note has been for Samsung — more than 10 million sold as of last month — it’s now outdated due to its successor. And it took T-Mobile a long time to actually offer the first Galaxy Note, which launched in October of last year. Adding to the evidence of a Galaxy Note II soon on T-Mobile is the “out of stock” message for the original device, even though it recently launched on the network.

T-Mobile's Galaxy Note out of stock soon after launch

T-Mobile’s own research indicates that customers want larger phones: 77 percent of those surveyed are looking for handset 4.5 inches are larger. At 5.5 inches the Galaxy Note II certainly fits that bill. And with improvements over its predecessor such as a quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, digital stylus with hover capabilities, and the newest version of Android, I’d expect big sales to match that big screen if T-Mobile does launch this device.