uTorrent lands on Android phones

BitTorrent Inc. released a beta version of uTorrent for Android Wednesday, making it possible for Android users to download torrents straight onto their mobile handsets and tablets.

The new software, which works on Android 2.1 and up, comes with some basic search functionality as well as the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for serialized downloads. Users can set upload and download limits to make sure that their BitTorrent activity doesn’t interrupt any other mobile data use, and downloads can be made over 3G or 4G data connections. Of course, torrenting movies on your handset is a sure-fire way to burn through those data caps in no time.

Check out a few screenshots of the app running on my HTC One S below:

It’s worth noting that this is still a beta version, and a first quick test left some things to be desired. There is search, but any searches are simply sent as basic Google queries to the browser. That means you’ll have to fish around quite a bit before you can actually download anything. BitTorrent promised that it will also use the Android app to provide access to featured legal content, but this doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

BitTorrent Inc. previously released a remote control app for Android phones which makes it possible to remotely start torrent downloads on your PC, and the company said Wednesday that it is already reaching almost four million mobile users.