Co-founder Charlie Cheever to take reduced role at Quora

Charlie Cheever, one of the original co-founders of Quora, will take a reduced role in the company and “step away from his day-to-day role,” CEO and co-founder Adam D’Angelo noted in a post on the site Tuesday.

Cheever, who was an early Facebook employee¬†with D’Angelo, played an important role in defining Quora’s direction from its initial start, and was just recently involved in the launch of the company’s Android app and push toward mobile.

Quora is a Silicon Valley-based company that provides a social platform for users to post and answer questions. Launched in 2010, it’s seen significant growth and mainstream appeal, although it still has strong usage within the tech community.

D’Angelo posted about Cheever’s reduced role on Tuesday evening, meeting intense skepticism from¬†respondents, many of whom asked D’Angelo why the company didn’t provide more information on Cheever’s exit and who speculated on his departure. D’Angelo noted that Cheever will stay on with the company in an advisory role.

Below is D’Angelo’s post, which a Quora spokesman said was all the company would be releasing:

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