Visual organizer Clipboard welcomes iPhone app and updated desktop design

With more of life’s tasks moving online every day, it’s always interesting to check out new solutions for collecting, storing, and sharing the digital data we’ve come to rely on. What’s the best way to save those airline reservations or that funny YouTube link and recall it when you need it?

Clipboard iPhone screenshotThere are a seemingly infinite number of solutions on the market, but Clipboard, a visually-oriented content collector and distributer, is an app that combines the best features of some of those other popular services like Pinterest and Evernote. The startup, which launched publicly in May, is launching an iPhone app (s aapl) and seriously revamping its site and design Tuesday.

Anyone who’s used Pinterest before will feel immediately familiar with Clipboard — the design is almost identical to the Pinterest layout, with the option of grabbing material from across the web, saving that material to “boards,” and liking other people’s posts.

But Clipboard doesn’t seem like a site for wedding daydreams or fashion photos in the way Pinterest does. Clipboard posts, or “clips,” default to private, and unlike Pinterest’s static photos, Clipboard clips retain almost all of their original web functionality, making them seem more like helpful notes-to-self in the vein of Instapaper or Evernote.

“What you put on Pinterest is really an act of self-expression,” CEO and founder Gary Flake said, noting that 80 percent of clips are set to private.

A desktop bookmark allows users to clip items from across the web. YouTube (s goog) links will play, URLs re-direct, and Google Maps convert to streetview, all within Clipboard. Users can choose to share clips or boards with other users, meaning a husband and wife could share travel reservations or classmates could share relevant course links with one another.

The new iOS app will allow users to clip and share information from mobile, a feature Flake said many users had requested. The iPhone app will be available in the Apple App Store beginning Tuesday.

Clipboard design launch