Locaid bolsters location service with IP address data

Locaid, which provides location-as-a-service through partnerships with top carriers such as AT&T (s t), Verizon (s vz)(s vod), Sprint (s s)and T-Mobile is expanding the way it can identify a user’s device. Now, instead of just working through a carrier network to extract location data, Locaid is introducing the ability to use IP location to further authenticate where a connected device is. The company says it’s the only location-as-a-service provider to offer this combined location sourcing.

Locaid IP Location gives Locaid’s customers more accuracy in determining where a consumer is and prevents the ability for someone to fake or spoof their location. By looking at the IP address of the device at the start of an internet session, Locaid can provide more data on the device including connection type, latitude/longitude information, zip code and whether the connection is from a home or business. And that allows Locaid to locate any computer or tablet, not just mobile devices.

This can be helpful for marketers, who want to better target users by location with messages and offers. It can also be used by financial companies to help authenticate credit card transaction and combat fraud. And it can help in compliance cases where determining location is important such as online gambling or digital rights management situations. Locaid can combine IP data with network data to better obtain real-time location.

Rip Gerber, Locaid’s president and CEO said there’s a growing opportunity to provide more location services as the number of connected device increases from 9 billion today to a projected 50 billion by the end of the decade. The company already counts VISA (s v), Wells Fargo (s wfc) FedEx (s fedex) and Starbucks (s sbux) among its customers.

“With more and more consumer devices being connected to the Internet, including cars, Google Goggles and even televisions, the diversity and number of devices that we can now locate is staggering,” said Rip Gerber, Locaid President & CEO. “We can now locate them all, billions of devices, anywhere in the world, making this combination of mobile network location with IP location a historic moment in the location industry.”

The move highlights the increasing opportunities in location services. More and more companies are realizing the value of understanding where their customers are and how to reach them out in the real world. That’s good for companies like Locaid, Skyhook, Placecast, Geoloqi and others, who are giving developers the tools to better enable location services.