Evernote’s Skitch revamps, adds iPhone app

Skitch, the image annotating and sharing app that Evernote acquired a little over a year ago, is getting a redesign and expanding from Mac, iPad (s AAPL) and Android (s GOOG) to iPhone and iPod Touch, too. All of those platforms will sync with each other and with Evernote, though Skitch still isn’t available for Windows(s MSFT)

The biggest piece of news from today’s announcement is that Skitch is now available as an iPhone app.

Skitch also has a couple new features: A “pixelate” option that lets users obscure parts of an image, and a highlighter. Some original features are gone, including some sizing and color options, font changes and the option to take a snapshot of Skitch itself.

Evernote says that Skitch has been downloaded 10 million times across platforms.