Structure cloud conference comes to Europe

Europe’s adoption of cloud computing services trails the U.S. by at least two years, in part because of concerns about privacy and fears that U.S. cloud providers might give up business secrets to the United States government, if asked to do so. New guidelines from the European Commission have encouraged companies in Europe to police themselves to ensure sensitive information stored in the cloud is protected.

But it’s not just regulatory concerns holding up adoption, European companies have a shopping list of requirements that are different than their U.S. counterparts and many are unclear on whether providers can meet these needs. We are bringing our Structure cloud computing conference to Europe for the first time, next month, to get answers to these questions.

The two-day event includes a packed schedule of sessions on everything from the thorny topic of privacy and regulations to whether cloud really reduces costs and improves business agility. We’ll hear from HP’s head of cloud services and the CTO of Amazon’s cloud business on how U.S. companies are adopting cloud. And for the infrastructure savvy,  Facebook’s VP of infrastructure engineering will talk about clean energy and next generation data center design.

A hot topic on both sides of the Atlantic is software defined networking and the future of software-based data centers which will be a key focus of the conference. Europeans put a lot of focus on openness and standardization in order to level the playing field for anyone to enter the market. Structure Europe includes speakers from OpenNubula, Eucalyptus Systems, and CERN among others discussing the myths and realities of “openness” in the cloud.

Our event brings together leading lights in Europe with the best from the U.S. to share stories and strategies for moving the industry forward in the cloud age. It’s a bumpy path, like all technology transitions, but sharing experiences and learning from those that have done it already is a great way to get started. Please join us on October 16th and 17th in Amsterdam to find out why Europe cannot afford to sit on the sidelines in cloud computing.


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