Say hello to our 5 Structure:Europe LaunchPad finalists!

We’ve taken our Structure show on the road to Amsterdam, and chosen five European startups to present onstage at our LaunchPad competition on Oct. 16. Europe may be slower to adopt cloud computing, but businesses there clearly see the economic advantage to a more elastic and on-demand infrastructure.

Sure, many of Europe’s cloud deployments may be private, but European companies are eager to learn what their counterparts in the U.S. are doing and share their own experiences. That’s why we’re mixing our Structure stars such as Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels and Jay Parikh, VP of infrastructure engineering at Facebook, with Europeans such as Bernard DallĂ©, a partner with Index Ventures and Eirikur Hrafnsson, the founder of GreenQloud.

And we’re wrapping up the first day with a showcase of our five finalists. I’ve listed them below, but for more information you’ll have to come to Amsterdam on Oct. 16 and 17th and watch them present onstage. I can’t wait.

  • Besol: This Spanish company has built a cloud management product that can span different clouds. The product, called Tapp, is one of those that could enable a real cloud brokerage model to develop.
  • ComodIT: This company is building a software-as-a-service offering that will allow companies to create different deployment configurations for their servers and store them online for later access.
  • DoxOut: This is a productivity app for the post-PC era, which in laymen’s terms means it will work on a variety of devices. The company says it does that without coding different apps for different platforms. It can work as an installed app offline or via a web browser when the user has connectivity.
  • FileSpirit: Find corporate files in the cloud using the File Spirit app. The company is competing with Dropbox, SugarSync but says it offers file encryption and other services designed to appeal to corporate users.
  • Wercker: In this devops focused world, companies can deploy dozens or thousands of code updates a day. Big companies write custom software to push out their updates, but Wercker has created a SaaS platform that will prep and test deployment software and integrates with GitHub.