With Android update, Netflix has one interface for all devices

Netflix announced an update to its application for Google Android phones on Monday that brings a tablet-like interface to the small screen. The free Netflix (s nflx) software, found in Google Play, now shows more video titles and images on the screen and also includes prominent links to content that users have started, but not finished, watching, allowing for faster playback where you left off viewing.

Chris Jaffe, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, told us on-stage at our Mobilize event last week that this user interface was coming soon, so it shouldn’t be a total surprise. Jaffe explained how the interface on tablets is different from that of traditional televisions, adding that “With TV it’s left-right, up-down where as with the iPhone or tablet, it’s omnidirectional. We have to resolve the tension between being ubiquitous and being the best interface for the job.”

Jaffe shows off the new Netflix interface for Android(s goog) phones in this video and if you’ve seen Netflix recently on a tablet, you’ll note the extreme similarity:


Indeed, the interface is now identical on both my Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet. I particularly like the tapping mechanism Netflix uses now: One tap on a title provides information on the content while a double tap starts playback. And loading up the app on my Apple iPad(s aapl) shows even more consistency: Netflix now has one interface across multiple mobile platforms, which makes it easier to find and watch content regardless of the device used.