Want free MongoDB classes? edX and 10gen are happy to oblige

10gen, the company behind the popular open-source database MongoDB, is joining the MOOC movement.

On Tuesday, the company  is announcing that it is partnering with edX, the open-source online education initiative from Harvard and MIT, to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) on how to use the MongoDB platform.

As part of the collaboration, edX, which uses MongoDB, will allow 10gen to access its source code and make improvements to it that can be used by other students.

Launched in in May, edX offers free online classes from its founding universities, as well as the University of California at Berkeley. But the nonprofit has always said that it would use edX to “research how students learn and how technology can transform learning — both on-campus and worldwide.” And this latest partnership with 10gen is step toward applying open online courses to non-university, professional development oriented classes.

“We develop MongoDB out in the open – people can see what the bugs are … what were working on,” said Andrew Erlichson, 10gen’s VP of education. “I believe that they think we’re an interesting model in doing software out in the open.”

Through the partnership, 10gen will offer two courses on MongoDB, one for developers and one for administrators, taught by 10Ggen CEO and co-founder Dwight Merriman.

Since opening the classes for registration a few days ago, Erlichson said, they’ve attracted 4,000 enrolled students, which is quadruple the number of people 10gen taught through its paid, in-person classes in the last year.

In May, 10gen announced that it had raised $42 million dollars to make MongoDB mainstream and earlier this month it released the latest version of its product.

Traction among enterprise users has increased more than 500 percent, 10gen said, with a particular uptick among financial services companies.