Boxee opens up Cloudee to everyone, adds desktop uploader

Boxee’s private video sharing service Cloudee just opened up its beta test, inviting everyone to upload as many videos as they like with and share them with select contacts. Cloudee, which previously only allowed uploads from the iPhone, also added a desktop uploader for Windows (s MSFT) PCs and Macs, (s AAPL) and improved its web UI to take some of its functionality beyond iOS devices. Also new: a better integration with Facebook(s FB) and Twitter.

Boxee launched Cloudee as a private beta this summer. The service is currently completely free, without any upload and storage limits, but Boxee has said that it will eventually start charging for some premium functionality. From the announcement blog post:

Since Cloudee is still in beta, new and existing users will continue to enjoy free unlimited storage. When we introduce premium accounts, all beta users will still have access to watch and share all their videos, but may be asked to upgrade to Cloudee Premium to keep uploading additional videos.

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen told me earlier this year that Cloudee will have some form of Boxee Box integration before the service’s beta test is over, possibly through a separate tab on the Boxee home screen.

There have also been speculations that Boxee could use some of Cloudee’s infrastructure to build a kind of cloud DVR for its Live TV feature, but the company has been mum on any details on that front. However, Boxee has been increasingly reaching out to Boxee Box users to test upcoming products, and possible candidates applying to be part of the company’s early access program are being asked which broadcast TV stations they’re receiving in their area — so we shouldn’t be too surprised if Boxee’s next big announcement is going to have some live TV component.