Last week on GigaOM Pro: the future mobile, Yahoo, and health care data reform

It’s been a busy few weeks. You may have noticed that we skipped our usual GigaOM Pro recap last week, as all hands were on deck at our Mobilize conference. Coming up next, we’ll be launching our first international event, with Structure:Europe in Amsterdam on October 16-17. In the meantime, check out what our GigaOM analysts and curators are paying attention to: unsurprisingly, the future of the mobile landscape was a big topic this week. Also on deck: how Yahoo might turn itself around, and big data versus the health care industry.

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Cloud: Jo Maitland
The challenge of understanding our health care data

Pro curator Jo Maitland takes a look at the challenges facing the healthcare industry as it looks at using big data to reform and modernize its many aging systems. The industry is rife with proprietary information systems — incompatible electronic medical record systems, major discrepancies between which data states and insurance companies are willing to share — not to mention concerns about privacy. Maitland takes a look at which specific hurdles must be overcome before the industry can access the quality, clean data it needs in order to effectively implement any big data initiatives.

Mobile: Colin Gibbs, Derek Kerton, Laurie Lamberth, Monica Paolini, Tara Seals
Mobile industry 2012 segment analysis

The 62-page research anthology that we published in tandem with our Mobilize conference features reports from five of our top mobile analysts: highlights include Pro curator Colin Gibbs’ look at new business models in the wireless space (including the rise of unsubsidized handsets and tablets), Pro analyst Laurie Lamberth’s analysis of the location-based shopping market, and Pro curator Derek Kerton’s discussion of the mobile app – offerings from Apple, Google, and potential third-party players. Working off the major topics discussed at Mobilize, our anthology isn’t intended to be a comprehensive overview of the mobile market, but instead focuses on the trends, companies and technologies to watch over the next year. 

Social: David Card
How Yahoo could re-boot search

Many eyes were on Marissa Meyer this week as she announced Yahoo’s first batch of turnaround strategies this week. Prior to last Tuesday’s big meeting, Pro curator David Card weighed in with his thoughts, focusing especially on Yahoo’s search priorities. While the company currently outsources that technology to Microsoft’s Bing engine, Meyer’s background at Google – and specifically her former role running search – could potentially help the company reinvent itself, from the search business on up.

Social: Stowe Boyd
Sector RoadMap: work media tools in 2012

This past spring, GigaOM Pro launched its Sector Roadmap series, which incorporates research methodologies developed in-house by our research director team. Our roadmap methodology specifically identifies the competitive areas (or vectors) in which large-scale market shifts and disruptions are taking place. In our latest Sector Roadmap, Pro curator Stowe Boyd takes a look at work media, an increasingly important segment of enterprise software that Boyd defines as “a new class of social tools based on the principles of open social networks like Facebook and Twitter but oriented to the specific needs of businesses and professionals.” It’s a rapidly-shifting market that sees plenty of acquisitions (such as the Microsoft-Yammer deal) and promising startups (like Huddle). What’s the current landscape, what are the most disruptive forces in this segment, and what is the market outlook? Boyd provides a detailed breakdown as well as an extensive vendor analysis.