CruxSKUNK: A thin iPad keyboard case with a twist

There’s no lack of keyboard cases for Apple’s iPad(s aapl) and I’m finding some of the best-looking ones on Kickstarter. The CruxSKUNK might have a smelly-sounding name but looks to be pretty sweet. It’s billed as the thinnest iPad keyboard available and has a useful 360-degree hinge that lets you quickly move from keyboard input to touch, while doubling as an iPad stand.

The CruxSKUNK’s keyboard is definitely thin; just 6 millimeters. Atop the standard QWERTY keys are special function buttons specific to the iPad and its iOS software. Using a Bluetooth connection to pair with an iPad, the battery should last roughly a month between charges and a USB is included to recharge the internal battery. A zippered case is also part of the deal. A standout feature though is surely the hinge and the way an iPad is held by the keyboard; take a look:

I like the idea of the keyboard doubling as a adjustable angle stand for watching content or gaming. Others must as well: with just over two days left on Kickstarter, the project smashed through its $90,000 funding goal with nearly $233,000 pledged. So will I be backing this one for the $155?

I’m passing since I already backed the Brydge, a similar product. The Brydge hinge only moves 180-degrees, but a key differentiator ┬áis an option for two integrated speakers; something that the CruxSKUNK lacks. If that doesn’t bother you, this may be a good option. Don’t wait though: The project funding closes on Wednesday this week!