Game on: Sony opens PlayStation Mobile store for Android

The Sony PlayStation Mobile store is officially open for Android business. Starting on Wednesday, owners of devices certified for Sony’s(s sne) mobile gaming program can install the store application and purchase games for use on an Android(s goog) phone or tablet. Similar to Amazon’s(s amzn) Appstore for Android, the Sony PlayStation Mobile catalog must be first installed directly — not from the Google Play store — in order to purchase games.

The store download is available directly from Sony here and is currently limited to roughly two dozen Sony-branded Android tablets and phones. The HTC One V, S, and X are also on the list with the following caveat: “HTC mobile device owners cannot access PlayStation®Mobile for the moment. However, we are working with HTC to ensure PlayStation®Mobile launches as soon as possible. We will update you soon.”

Sony first tried to leverage its PlayStation brand with Android in the Xperia Play handset: An Android phone with dedicated gaming hardware controls. The handset wasn’t quite a success, but as Sony’s Jack Buser told me on stage at our Mobilize 2012 event last month, the company learned from the experience.

Instead of limiting PSP games to Sony-designed hardware now, the company has created a developer platform in tandem with other hardware partners. HTC, Fujitsu and Sharp are among the first partners. Games purchased from the Sony PlayStation Mobile store will also run on the PS Vita, Sony’s most recent mobile gaming device.