This week in cleantech: the share economy, efficient data centers & grid batteries

We’ve got a thriving section in our GigaOM Pro, premium research subscription service, based just on cleantech, green data centers, next-gen energy technologies and the like. Here’s some great new content we’ve got in the cleantech section of GigaOM Pro this week:

  • Cleantech investor Vinod Khosla made news last summer when he told a meeting at the Energy Storage Association that the smart grid was more “smart hype than smart grid.” Importantly for that audience, he noted that all of the fundamental efforts of the smart grid geared at the demand side—smart meters, demand response, real time pricing, smart electronics—would become irrelevant and unnecessary if energy storage got price competitive. They’re starting to . . . Read the rest of GigaOM Pro cleantech analyst Adam Lesser’s take on The Future of Battery Storage on the Grid (subscription required).
  • Owning physical items — cars, apartments, office space — has both lost some of its luster and will be increasingly inefficient for a global market. It is shifts like these, combined with catalysts like mobile technology, that are driving a greater interest in the share economy, which can broadly be defined as a marketplace where business models are built around consumers choosing access rather than ownership. Check out our report on the Opportunities and Risks in the Share Economy (subscription required).
  • Around the world, data centers consume around 1.5 percent of total electricity demand, a figure that is expected to increase significantly. Greenpeace predicts power consumption will grow 19 percent by 2013 to 31 gigawatts. To cut power and, with it, costs, tech titans like Google, Apple, and Facebook are aggressively pursuing strategies to cut electricity use by greening their data centers. Read our report on The Economics of Clean Data Center Innovation (subscription required).