HP hiring engineers for — surprise! — webOS

Hewlett Packard is looking to hire dozens of engineers to work on webOS, according to job postings uncovered by The Powerbase. Nearly all the jobs are high-paying engineering gigs, The Powerbase notes, signalling HP’s commitment to the once-promising platform.

HP a few weeks ago released a beta version of Open WebOS, making good on a promise made nearly a year ago. The operating system was at the heart of HP’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm, of course, and HP vowed more than two years ago to double down on webOS. But the platform collected dust as the company tried to figure out what to do with it amid a front-office train wreck.

It isn’t clear just what HP has in mind for webOS: I doubt that it wants to devote the resources necessary to pursue the consumer market, so an enterprise play may be up its sleeve (as The Powerbase suggests). That market is still ripe even as Apple (and, yes, Android) make their way into the corporate world. Regardless, webOS remains a legitimate platform that has the muscle to compete with Android and iOS. While the window for mass-market adoption has closed, HP could still make a bit of a splash here.