Drippler, a helpful app for your device only, hits 2.5M downloads

Here’s a smart app for Android(s goog) users: Drippler. At its core, it’s essentially a mobile content aggregator and while we’ve seen many of those over the years, Drippler has a unique twist that adds value: It only shows information such as tips, software updates, app recommendations and accessory deals that are relevant to your specific Android phone. And in this day and age as smartphones get more complex while more new users are looking for device manuals that don’t exist, Drippler should be appealing. Clearly, it already is to many: On Wednesday, the company announced that it crossed 2.5 million downloads in the Google Play store.

The device-specific articles, tricks, accessory reviews and how-to’s are called “drips” by the app. Because they’re targeted specifically at a user’s device, these nuggets of information are personalized and useful. The app makes it easy to share each drip with others and has settings to determine how often Drippler should be checking the web for more drips. Still, a popular device could see hundreds of stories in a given day, which can hit the device battery and mobile broadband plan hard.

To help in that regard, Drippler worked with AT&T’s(s t) developer program to optimize the app. The result?  “We managed to reduce data downloads by 35 percent and reduce the app’s battery consumption by 20 percent,” says Matan Talmi, Drippler CEO. Although Drippler worked with AT&T, the free app is available for all Android devices on any carrier.

I installed the app on my Galaxy Note 2 a few days ago and can see why people might like it. Instead of me going out to search through sites and feeds for pertinent information specific to my device, Drippler brings it to me. For example, I see a number of recent news articles on the Galaxy Note two along with a “how to root” post that I know will come in handy in the near future. The app even highlights those that are most popular, helping to surface the presumably better content for my device.

Given how many Android devices I buy, test and review, Drippler just became a new “must install” app on all of my Android phones and tablets. Why not read helpful articles about my specific devices while using those devices? It just makes sense; almost like a Flipboard filled with content about my phone or tablet.