Which PaaS players are positioned to win and why?

This week we released our Sector RoadMap report on the Platform as a Service (PaaS) market, written by cloud computing visionary and GigaOM Pro analyst David Linthicum. The companies scored in the report include Engine Yard, Amazon, Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, VMware and Salesforce.com (Heroku) with some interesting surprises.

Our Sector RoadMaps will be useful to enterprise IT shops and developers looking to determine how each of these PaaS providers stacks up against their own business and technical requirements. The report identifies key trends, which we call “disruption vectors” driving the sector and weights them according to their relative importance to the overall PaaS marketplace.

We then score the vendors against these disruption vectors, to figure out who is best positioned to take advantage of these trends. For example, if business intelligence (BI) is an important factor in your choice of PaaS supplier, our report tells you which providers are best positioned to capitalize on the BI trend in their PaaS offering.

(Key: Vector weighting sums to 100%)

The report also takes a look at where the PaaS market is headed and offers some predictions on how it will shake out. Linthicum notes that portability, namely the ability to create an application on one PaaS provider and move it to another without significant modification, will be key to the success of this market. Right now users are worried about vendor lock-in, but if the PaaS industry can figure out portability, users will be more inclined to give it a try.

Linthicum adds that customers considering a move to PaaS should take into account the costs around migration, talent, productivity and risk before jumping in. He says in many instances, this technology is not yet cost-effective for many enterprises. For the full report on the PaaS marketplace click here.