Why wait for Android 4.1.2 on that Nexus 7? Install it yourself!

Got a Google Nexus 7 tablet that still hasn’t seen the official update to Android 4.1.2? You might be anxious since the minor software tweak adds landscape support for your tablet’s home screen, so if you’re feeling adventurous, Android Police has the update process well documented here.

You will need a PC(s msft), Mac(s aapl) or Linux system with the Android SDK installed but your Nexus 7 doesn’t have to be rooted for this process to work. You’ll also need to download the 31.3 MB system update directly from Google. Once you have that, along with a USB cable to connect your Nexus 7 to your computer, a few command lines and a tablet reboot into Recovery Mode will do the trick.

It turns out that while Android 4.1.2 adds the helpful home screen rotation, Android Police found that Google has tweaked a few other bits as well. Aside from some setting screen relabeling, notifications now expand to show more information. Here’s a video look of the change, which you’ll see after upgrading to Android 4.1.2.