Cord Cutters:, the DVR for cord cutters, reviewed is a DVR for cord cutters that streams over-the-air broadcast content to Rokus and iPads. But how well does it work? Check out our review below:


Show notes for this episode:

  • The device costs $150, and a subscription to its programming guide costs an additional $5 a month. More info on the device can be found on the website.
  • is a single tuner DVR, meaning that you will only be able to record one show at a time. The company plans to add the ability to support multiple devices within the same network in the future.
  • To learn more about over-the-air broadcast and DIY DVRs, check out our new e-book Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable, which is now available on Amazon(s amzn), Barnes & Noble(s bks) and iTunes(s aapl).

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