Hot off the (digital) press: Third-quarter wrap-ups

It’s been a busy quarter across many tech sectors: Apple announced its long-anticipated iPhone 5 (to both positive and negative headlines), the fallout from super-sized IPOs continues to reverberate across Silicon Valley and beyond, and VMware made several important acquisitions.

It’s a lot to keep track of. Luckily, GigaOM Pro’s expert analysts have been watching and assessing the latest industry news and reports, and this week we roll out the latest quarterly wrap-ups. These reports analyze the main events from the past three months and also give a glimpse into trends, technologies, and companies to watch in the near future.

  • Cleantech (Monday, 10/15): The third quarter saw ups and downs for Tesla and Zipcar, while China’s solar companies faced many challenges.
  • Mobile (Tuesday, 10/16): Apple made record sales for its iPhone 5, but also grabbed some controversial headlines about its new mapping product.
  • Cloud (Wednesday, 10/17): The usual suspects, Amazon and VMware, made significant announcements in cloud in the third quarter, while Hadoop remains the talk of the town in big data.
  • Connected Consumer (Thursday, 10/18): New digital video and second-stream platforms put the traditional media business in flux.
  • Social (Friday, 10/19): After their high-profile IPOs, Zynga, Groupon, and Facebook are raising fundamental questions about their growth and business models.