Calxeda targets 64-bit ARM processors for 2014

Apparently the top priority for ARM server startup Calxeda is getting a 64-bit chip to market as soon as possible. Fresh on the heels of its big $55 million round of fundraising, Calxeda has announced that it’s 64-bit chip will be in the market by 2014. It’s current chip build called EnergyCore is only 32-bit and the new chip, code named Lagos, should address complaints from any that the true modern data center requires 64-bit chips to handle data heavy applications.

The 64 bit barrier has been a bit of a thorn in Calxeda’s side as Linux based server startup Tilera, which has tested its low power chips in Facebook’s data centers, often talks about how true low power servers require 64-bit processing to take on Intel (Tilera has produced 64-bit chips to back up its rhetoric). Intel also has its own line of low power 64-bit Atom chips due out later this year. Intel pitched these chips at GigaOM’s recent Structure Conference in San Francisco as the company increasingly understands that for webscale data centers, power is a key factor, and not all operators want power hungry Xeon chips in their mix.