This week in cleantech: Google Ventures, Q3 and the share economy

Google Ventures’ Bill Maris told The Wall Street Journal that he was originally reluctant to invest in smart thermostat maker Nest because “initially that didn’t seem important to me.” Then he says he learned that it’s not about a thermostat, it’s about trying to save a lot of energy. — GigaOM Pro blog.

Fresh on the heels of its big $55 million round of fundraising, Calxeda has announced that it’s 64-bit chip will be in the market by 2014. It’s current chip is called EnergyCore is only 32-bit. — GigaOM Pro blog.

Amazon’s data center efficiency VP James Hamilton gave a talk recently at the First Round Capital CTO Summit in which he explained to budding entrepreneurs how he would approach providing value to the modern data center. — GigaOM Pro blog.

The third quarter in cleantech brought into focus the successes and challenges of more-mature companies like Tesla, Airbnb, and Zipcar. It also highlighted energy challenges in India and China. — GigaOM Pro report (subscription required).

Owning physical items — cars, apartments, office space — has both lost some of its luster and will be increasingly inefficient for a global market. It is shifts like these, combined with catalysts like mobile technology, that are driving a greater interest in the share economy, which can broadly be defined as a marketplace where business models are built around consumers choosing access rather than ownership. — Opportunities and Risks in the Share Economy: GigaOM Pro Report (subscription required).