1 month later, iOS 6 adoption hits 61 percent in U.S., Canada

A month after Apple’s official release of iOS 6(s AAPL), it’s been installed on roughly 61 percent of possible devices in the U.S. and Canada according to new data collected by Chitika Insights. That is only slightly better than the 50-percent adoption rate that iOS 6 hit after just two weeks in the wild, suggesting that users installing or upgrading to iOS 6 is slowing somewhat. But still, it’s the fastest uptake of any mobile operating system upgrade.

Chitika regularly checks in on Apple’s mobile OS adoption by checking how many devices using iOS 6 have accessed its vast online ad network.

By comparison, just about a quarter of Android users had upgraded to the latest version of the software as of the beginning of October, roughly 12 months after its release.

While iOS 6 adoption growth has plateaued somewhat in the last week, don’t expect that number to remain stagnant very much longer. Apple is expected to introduce a smaller iPad on Tuesday and potentially a new 9.7-inch iPad as well, both of which could have a significant effect on iOS 6 usage.